2.5 Dimensions / 2.5 次元

【日本語版は英語版のあとです】 Normally, you look works ofIkebana (Japanese style flower arrangement) from right in front of them 'cos they are put on Tokonoma (alcove) and place that have wall behind it. Flower work itself is 3-dimensional; however, it sometimes looks like hanging scroll painting. Art in between two and three dimensions. Japanese ladies working at the same company joined to the lesson today. Group lesson, as a part of company's program, is available. https://www.masashi-kaki-design.com/japanese-design 日本のいけばなは、床の間に置いたり、壁面を背景にするため、基本的に正面から愛でる。 作品は立体的だが、時として掛け軸のようにも映る。 三次元と二次元の間を取る芸術。 本日は、日本人の企業の同僚さんでした。 企業研修の一環としたレッスンも受付致しております。 https://www.masashi-kaki-design.com/japanese-design

Unlimited design / 無限のデザイン

【日本語版は英語版のあとです】 Colleagues of this company in Tokyo joined to flower lesson. As always, same flowers, different works. Even if numbers of flowers are limited, ways of designing flower is unlimited. It is such a fun time to take pictures of your colleague's work. Group lesson, as a part of company's program, is available. https://www.masashi-kaki-design.com/japanese-design 某企業の同僚さんがレッスンに参加されました。 同じ花材、異なる作風。 少ない花材でも、デザインは無限。 お互いの作品画像を撮るのも楽しい時間です。 企業研修の一環としたレッスンも受付致しております。 https://www.masashi-kaki-design.com/japanese-design

Time passes / 時の流れ

【日本語版は英語版のあとです】 After OBON (Buddhist holiday in Japan), temperature seems getting more confortable than month ago. Season is moving toward autumn. Season of roses. お盆が過ぎ、ひと月前に比べると少しずつ凌ぎやすくなってきました。 秋はバラの季節です。

Role / 役割

【日本語版は英語版のあとです】 Guest who loves Japanese doll from India. She loved Kimono lady doll at entrance of my house. This doll was created by lady who used to live house just behind my house. Now she's already passed away. One day, the lady's brother came to her house for cleaning and I received flower vases and tea cups etc. That was the moment I felt like striken by lightning when I saw this Kimono lady. I had NO interest in doll at all; however, I made prompt decision by saying to gentleman, "No way! Please don't discard her. I'll take her to my house". Since then, she welcomes lots of guests to my house. Arigato! Both flowers and doll play very important role to make us relax and get t

Haiku / 俳句

【日本語版は英語版のあとです】 Sunshine filtering through leaves. Flower work depicting scenery by limited numbers of flowers is like “Haiku” (Japanese short poem) represent a scene by 17 syllables in 5-7-5 syllabic lines. 木漏れ日。 少ない花材での表現は、俳句に似ている。

Good friend / 仲良し

【日本語版は英語版のあとです】 Guests from Switzerland. Since they are good friend, their works turned out symmetrical ones. Both of them said, "It was peaceful moment and I want to do it at my house". Then, purchased Kenzan (weight with needles to stub flowers and brunches) right away. スイスからいらした仲良しゲスト。 対称的な作品になりました。 お二人とも「無心になれる時間でした。母国でもお花を活けたい」と、さっそく剣山を購入されました。

Team work / 二人三脚

【日本語版は英語版のあとです】 Time flies! 2 years has already past since I moved here. Old house and lady doll in Kimono are welcoming so many guests. Words can't explain how much I appreciate you. Way to go, team! お陰さまで、下町に移って早二年が経ちました。 長屋と看板娘がたくさんのゲストを呼んでくれています。 ありがたいことです。 これからもよろしくお願い致します~

Crossroad / 交差点

【日本語版は英語版のあとです】 Guests from the U.S. and Indonesia met at my house for the first time. Even if it was just for a couple hours, our relation became closer by talking about our back ground. It was very meaningful time that their common interest (i.e., "Flower" and "Japanese culture") fostered friendship. I'm so happy to be a liaison among guests from different places via flower lesson. アメリカとインドネシアからのゲスト。 この日が初対面。 ほんの僅かな時間にお互いのことを少し話すだけで、グッと縮まる距離。 「花」「日本文化」という共通項が育む有意義な時間。 花を通じて国際交流の一端を担えることを幸せに思う。

Portrait / 肖像写真

【日本語版は英語版のあとです】 Normally, when we enjoy Ikebana (Japanese style flower arrangement), we look works from front. But sometime, like portrait, it's interesting to look them by changing angle and height. Beautiful work of guest from Switzerland. He asked me lots of question from history of Ikebana to process of decorating flowers at home (how to select vases and flowers etc.). Finally, he purchased scissors and Kenzan (weight with needles to make flowers stable). How beautiful it is decoration with Swiss flowers! いけばなは、基本的に正面から観るものとされる。 肖像写真のように、少しだけ鑑賞する位置の左右上下の角度を変えて観るのも面白い。 スイスからのゲストの作品。 いけばなの歴史や室内に花を飾るまでの行程(器や花の選び方等)熱心に質問され、ハサミと剣山も購入されました。 彼の地の花も綺麗でしょうね!

Ichigo Ichie / 一期一会

【日本語版は英語版のあとです】 Young couple from UK. Both of them are studying at university to be doctor in future. Furthermore, they speak fluent Japanese 'cos their mothers are Japanese. Every single time when I spend time with guests, I think "Everybody has their own story of life". Even if it is "Ichigo Ichie (One opportunity, one encounter)"; however, hope to see everybody took my lesson someday again. ともに医師を目指しているイギリスからのゲスト。 更には、ともにお母様が日本人とのことで、日本語がお上手。 レッスンを受講されるゲストと過ごす時間はほんの僅かでも、「人それぞれ物語があるんだなぁ~」と日々感じる。 一期一会ではあるけれど、これまでいらしたゲストとまたお会いできればいいなと思う。

Summer night / 夏の夜空

【日本語版は英語版のあとです】 It is the season of firework here in Japan now. Normally, you watch about 10,000 – 15,000 fireworks while sitting on river bank. It is such a magnificent to see line of fire going upward and big flames like flowers drawn by various kinds of colors in dark sky. Reflection of fire on water is also beautiful. Masashi KAKI Design https://www.masashi-kaki-design.com/japanese-design 毎年今の時期は、花火大会が盛んになる。約10,000~15,000発の花火を河原の土手に座って観ることが多い。 漆黒の空に打ち上がる火玉の軌跡といくつもの色で描かれる大輪の花に、心を奪われる。 水面に映る花火も美しい。 Masashi KAKI Design https://www.masashi-kaki-design.com/japanese-design

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