Bonds / 絆

【日本語版は英語版のあとです】 Guests from the U.S. Don't you feel gentle breeze over susuki (Japanese pampas grass)? Even if they didn't see each other's works, they created ones having similar atmosphere. Very nice picture of the couple holding their hands behinds their beautiful works. Their strong bonds proved how come their works are "Same but Different". After the lesson, I guided them to Kappabashi kitchenware street. They purchased some plates. Thank you very much for your support to Japan's economy! lol The couple also liked mom and pop shops in the backstreet of Yanaka. I saw them off at Harumi pier and they boarded on the cruise ship bound for rest of Japanese cities and China. Please

Sou / 爽

Crisp autumn day. 爽やかな秋晴れ。 #いけばなIkebana #フラワーアレンジメントFlowerArrangement #フラワーレッスンFlowerLesson #ディスプレイDisplays #東京Tokyo

Passion / 熱意

【日本語版は英語版のあとです】 Guests from Italy. These gentlemen enjoyed their first time travel in Japan. They experienced Tea Ceremony, took cooking lesson of Japanese cuisine, and visited my house for Ikebana lesson on their last day in Japan. Their works having vividness and stillness shows their passion towards beautiful things. They got "Kenzan (weight with needles to hold flowers)" after the lesson. Please enjoy Ikebana with beautiful Italian vases! Hope to see you someday again! PS Likewise in Japanese, persimmon is called "CACHI (pronunciation "KAKI")" in Italy. 初来日された、イタリアからのゲスト。 数週間にわたる日本の旅は、とても楽しかったそうです。 茶道、日本料理作りの体験をされ、日本滞在最後の日に私宅でいけばな。 躍動感と静かな佇まいのある作品から、美に対する熱意を感じます。 レッスン後、お二

Smile / 微笑み

【日本語版は英語版のあとです】 Colleagues of Japanese and Indonesian took Ikebana lesson at my house through AndBeyondTokyo. They also walked around Tokyo based on their theme ; taking a look at Tokyo from points of view of guests from overseas. That's why the lecture was in English lol It was the first time for them to do Ikebana. Their serious but having fun attitude made me happy. Like their smile, their works also look smiling. Thank you all for joining to the lesson and Ms. Kuroiwa of AndBeyondTokyo! AndBeyondTokyo様からご紹介頂いた、日本人とインドネシア人のお客様。会社のご同僚です。 運営されているホテルには、外国からのお客様が多いとのことで、「外国人観光客の目線から東京を視る」というテーマのもと、いけばなレッスンに参加されました。 ・・・ということで、英語でのレクチャー(笑) 全員、いけばなは初めてとのことでしたが、真剣かつ楽しそうに活けている姿に、見ているこちら

Suzukaze / 涼風

【日本語版は英語版のあとです】 Korean lady from Luxembourg. Since she likes Japan very much, she's been to Japan so many times. Thank you! But, she's never experienced Ikebana. Seasonal flowers standing still in autumn wind. This time, she'll stay in Japan for a month. Have a wonderful trip! ルクセンブルグからいらした韓国人ゲスト。 日本が大好きで、何度も来日されているそうです。ありがとうございます! …が、いけばなは初めて。 秋の風に凛と佇む季節の花。 これから約一か月日本に滞在されるとのこと。 楽しいご旅行を! #いけばなIkebana #フラワーアレンジメントFlowerArrangement #フラワーレッスンFlowerLesson #ディスプレイDisplays #東京Tokyo

Gentle breeze / そよ風

After hot summer, cool autumn day. 蒸し暑い夏が過ぎ、涼やかな秋の気配。 #いけばなIkebana #フラワーアレンジメントFlowerArrangement #フラワーレッスンFlowerLesson #ディスプレイDisplays #東京Tokyo

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