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私淑 / Respect

花*Flower*華 @山種美術館







酒井抱一 月梅図

渡辺省亭 桜に雀

渡辺省亭 牡丹に蝶の図

石田武  吉野

速水御舟 桔梗

A World of Flowers - from the Rimpa School to Contemporary Art @ Yamatane Museum of Art

Every single time I look at works of Hoitsu and Seitei, I'm deeply moved by composition(making the best use of space) of the works, one stroke brush works with no hesitation, perspective sense of branches depicted by shades of ink and condition of brush (more ink on it or not).

Contrast between light pink cherry and green ceder trees was stunning.

I was almost dragged into deep mist of flowers.

Flowers in black ink showed color of Kikyo (platycodon).

So happy to see beautiful works again.


Moon and plum, Hoitsu Sakai

Cherry blossoms and sparrows, Seitei Watanabe

Peony and butterflies, Seitei Watanabe

Yoshino, Takeshi Ishida

Kikyo (platydondon), Goshu Hayami

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