• Masashi

デザイン / Design







料理同様、大切な作業。 デザインしたいイメージを、イメージに合う花と器を、活ける前の花の長さや状態を、整える。

Design means "Organizing" or "Make preparations" in Latin. In case of flower designing, what kinds of flowers and vase you select and produce good work. Flower design is very similar to cooking.

It is all up to your sense what kinds flowers and vase you select and how to arrange them into good work.

Even if all of us use the same flowers and vase, works will be different from each other. Slight difference of length and place of flowers makes big change of the arrangement.

Especially, preparation of artificial flowers takes long time. It is hard to see where is the preparation, though lol.

Same here as cooking, it is very important process for flower design.

"Design", for me, is imaging work, selecting flowers and vases, and preparing length and conditions of flowers.

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