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作品は語る / Works tell you...




プロダクトデザイナー深澤直人氏の言葉、哲学は深い。 そして、その抽象的な言葉と哲学を「あ~、なるほど。」と五感で感じ取ることのできる作品に具現化してしまうのだから。

作品で語る言葉と哲学。 作品には、作者の人となりが出る。 襟を正す思い。 (深澤直人がデザインする生活の周囲展、パナソニック汐留ミュージアム) "Design changes atmosphere" "Design blend with the atmosphere" "I want to you feel atmosphere that design works create, not appearance of the works" Words and philosophy of Mr. Naoto Fukasawa (Product designer) are deep thoughts. What is more, he produces his words and philosophy, which I deeply sympathize with, into visible and tangible products.

Products that tell you designer's thoughts. Works reflect the person who produce and design them. It was awe-inspiring exhibition. AMBIENT, Lifestyle Items Designed by Naoto Fukasawa, @ Panasonic Shiodome Museum

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