• Masashi

用の美 / Beauty in usage


道具であり、美術品。 日々の生活空間で普通に使っているモノに対する美意識が、津々浦々でその土地の風土に育まれ、名工芸品として見事に昇華している。 日本の伝統文化の奥深さを改めて認識した。 (画像出典:日本橋髙島屋) Exhibition of MINGEI that advocating "Beauty of usage" by focusing on folk arts and crafts that are used for living.

Works are tools and ,at the same time, they are art objects.

Aesthetic sense towards utensils in our daily lives perfectly intertwined with natural and cultural atmosphere in each local. Harmony between the sense and atmosphere produces well known beautiful local arts and crafts.

Rediscovered deeper insight of Japanese traditional works. (Reference of image: Nihonbashi Takashimaya)

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