• Masashi

感動 / Touched

**English below 美しい掛け軸の作品を鑑賞。 近代作家はもちろん、私淑する幕末志士たちの作品は、想定外のうれしいサプライズ。

日本橋三越で観た、「山﨑鈴子展 -Under the rose-」

凛とした佇まいの花たち。 細やかで優しい筆使い、美しい構図と色彩。 繊細さとぶれない芯の強さを内包した素晴らしい作品に感動。鳥肌が立った。 https://www.instagram.com/p/Ba5zR8mHmC5/

Appreciated beautiful hanging scrolls. Modern Japanese artists of course, surprisingly, saw works of leading actors of Meiji Restoration whom I adore.

Went to Mitsukoshi Department Store in Nihonbashi to see exhibition of Ms.Reiko Yamazaki "-Under the rose-".

Beautiful and sophisticated works featuring flowers.

Delicate and soft touch brush work, beautiful composition and colors. I was so impressed and had goose bumps by seeing her works that have both sensitivity and stable mind.


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