• Masashi

学びの場 / Learning from the lesson

【English below】 今年の1月に都内をご案内したゲストは、日本人鍛冶師直接指導のもと、日本刀を打つほどの方。 今回は、彼女さんを連れて再来日。 私宅で武士の嗜みのひとつであったお花のレッスン! やはり同じ花材を使っても、デザインは十人十色。

「花と向き合うことでリラックスできる」と。 素敵な作品です。 レッスンの何よりの楽しみは、「なるほど、そういうデザインもあったか!」「そう来たか!」と私自身が学ぶこと。 Guest whom I guided around Tokyo in January visited Japan again with his girlfriend. He tempers Japanese sword under tutelage of Japanese swordsmith. This time, they tried Japanese style flower arrangement (in free style) that was one of accomplishments among samurai ! Even if they use the same flowers, work are different from each other. They said, "This is very relaxing" while they are arranging. Beautiful works!! Pleasure moment of the lesson is I always learn different ways of design from guests. I sometimes feel "Wow! I've never thought about this way !" "I didn't see that coming!" lol

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