• Masashi

江戸っ子 / Edokko

【English below】


江戸っ子のご近所さんから、「ご仏前の花だけど、とにかくパーっと明るいのにして!」とリクエスト。 さすが! 仏事に及んでも、しみったれたことは言わない(笑)。

思いっきり明るくしました! しかも赤の器の文様は、鶴と亀。「あの世でもご長寿を」との気持ちを込めて(笑)。



Definition of "Edokko" normally describes about the family who had been living in Edo (former name of Tokyo) or Tokyo for three generations. There are some more. Well, simply speaking, Edokko is very decisive and TRYING to be happy. My neighbor Edokko asked me to make flower for Buddhist alter to console spirit of the departed person. He said, "Very bright color flowers!" Way to go ! Edokko don't be cheap and feel depressed even if they face to sad occasions lol

Well, of course, designed very happy colors one lol Red vase has patterns of "crane" and "turtle"; the symbols of longevity. Wishing eternal life in the other world !

What happened was like story of Rakugo (Japanese traditional comic story telling). Of course, Mr. Edokko was SO HAPPY at all !

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