• Masashi

お花見 / Cherry viewing

【日本語版は英語のあとです】 Guests from Sweden designed their works and enjoyed "Hanami (Cherry viewing)". Of course, cherry represents "Beauty" and "Symbol of Japan". Chrysanthemum is symbol of "Longevity".

Senryo (red fruits) literally means "One thousands ryo (unit of old coin)". In today's currency, about one million yen ! Red color also keeps off evil spirits. Same flowers, different design ! スウェーデンからのゲスト。 ご自身の作品でお花見。 桜は”美”と”日本”の象徴。 菊は”長寿”。 千両は今の相場で約100万円! 赤い実は魔よけの色。 同じ花材でも、デザインはそれぞれ!

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