• Masashi

リレー / Relay

【日本語版は英語のあとです】 Today's lesson at my old fashion house. Arranged peach flowers to celebrate "Girl's Day (3rd March)". Pine tree and chrysanthemum represent health and longevity. After strolling around SHITAMACHI (same old downtown), took them to Chagohan Tokyo for Ramen & Gyoza lesson by Mr. & Mrs. Hirano.

Please come and visit SHITAMACHI for cultural activities to gain little deeper insight of Japanese culture! Enjoy relay of cultural experience!

本日の私宅長屋でレッスンは、桃の節句前ということで桃の花、長寿を祝う松と菊を活けました。 下町散策後は、ラーメン&餃子作り体験ということで、茶御飯東京の平野ご夫妻にバトンタッチ! 文化体験リレーを通じて、ディープな下町体験をぜひ!

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