• Masashi

両道 / Good at both ways

【日本語版は英語版のあとです】 Gentleman took lesson of both Japanese & Western style flower arrangement. Beautiful works! Can't believe he's never done flower arrangement before. Design of gerbera is "White Day*" gift for his girl friend. Its language of flower is "Love" and "Passion". She will be glad to receive the arrangement full of his thoughtfulness. Well, like this gentleman has done, lesson of 2 (Japanese & Western arrangment) is available. Please feel free to contact. *White Day: March 14 when male gives gift (like cookies, sweet, or flowers) to his girl friend. Normally, this is the gift in return of Valentine's Day (Feb.14) when female gives chocolate to her boy friend.

「お花のアレンジメントは初めて」という男性が、和風と洋風アレンジのレッスンを受講されました。 初めてとは思えないくらい、素晴らしい作品です! 真っ赤なガーベラのアレンジは、彼女様へのホワイトデーのプレゼントとのこと。 花言葉は、「愛情」「情熱」。 想いのこもったアレンジは、きっと喜ばれることと思います。 …ということで、和洋両方のレッスンも可能です! お気軽にお問合せください。

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