• Masashi

Azure / 紺碧の空


Sunshine and perfect blue sky. Designed by Italian lady lives in Paris. After watching movie "An" (http://an-movie.com/), eating "Dorayaki" became one of her bucket lists in Japan. She said, "I was just thinking about "Dorayaki" this morning". Of course, I didn't know it. That's why, she was SO surprised when I served "THE ONE" to her after the lesson. lol

Seems enjoyed the lesson and sweet \(^_^)/

抜けるような青空に燦々と輝く太陽。 パリ在住のイタリア人ゲストの作品。 映画『あん』(http://an-movie.com/)を見て、日本で「どら焼き」をいつか食べたいと思っていたそうです。 今朝ふと浮かんだ「どら焼き」がまさかレッスン後に出るとは思わず、びっくりされていました。笑 花も団子もご満足頂けたようです。\(^_^)/

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