• Masashi

Border / 境界線


Guest from People's Republic of China. Conversation by using English, Chinese characters and pictures. It was very fun and interesting moment. lol Same flowers and different design. I always give advice to guests to make the best use of shape and style of their works. Too much advice don't need. Otherwise, it becomes MY work. Making balance between guest's sense and my advice is very important. There are borders between guests and me that I can get over. And sometimes, I shouldn't do.

中華人民共和国からのゲスト。 少しの英語と漢字と絵を混ぜながらの会話。 なんとか通じるものです。笑 同じ花材でも異なる作品。 各々の作風を活かしてアドバイス。 度が過ぎるとその方の作品でなくなるので、塩梅が大切。 越えられる境界線。 越えてはならない境界線。

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