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The travels of Marco Polo / 東方見聞録


Guest from Croatia joined to the lesson on the last day of his trip in Japan. Mother land of Marco Polo.

Before his trip, he watched documentary about Japanese tradition (including Ikebana). Seems he enjoyed the trip in Japan and I listened his story of his trip (The travels of Marco Polo) lol. Even if he said, "It is hard to choose what is my highlight in Japan", his favorites are: Kabuki, Ryoanji (Buddhist temple in Kyoto), and Koyasan trail. Glad to hear his comment: "I want to come back to Japan again".

After the lesson, he headed to Sento (public bath) near by my house before his departure in midnight. See you someday again! 日本滞在最後の日にいらしたクロアチアからのゲスト。マルコポーロの母国。

訪日前に、日本の伝統文化のドキュメンタリー(いけばなも含む)を観ていたそうです。 初来日を楽しまれたようで会話が弾み、彼の「東方見聞録」を聴きました。

「順位付けをすることが難しい」とはいいつつ、歌舞伎、龍安寺、高野山が印象的だったそうです。 「また日本に来たい!」と。うれしいですね。

レッスン後、夜中の離陸前に私宅近くの銭湯に向かわれました。笑 またいつかお会いしましょう!

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