• Masashi

Encounter / 出会い


Beautiful work of guest from Belgium. She was so passionate towards learning about Ikebana 'cos she's already read about features of it beforehand. She likes "Design of lines" and said, "I want to enjoy Ikebana at home". Her first trip in Japan for about 3 weeks seems to be wonderful one. It's fun time to chat with people who love flowers and show their respect towards different cultures. I appreciate to flowers again for inviting new friends to my house via flower lesson.



いけばなの”線のデザイン”に惹かれているとのこと。 「自宅でいけばなを楽しみたい」とお話されていました。 約三週間の初来日の旅を堪能されたご様子。 花が好きで、異国の文化に敬意を抱いてくださる方たちとの会話は、楽しいひととき。 改めて、花が紡ぐご縁に感謝です。

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