• Masashi

Silence / 静寂


The first time in 10 years. Exhibition of one of my favorite artists. Even if I see the same beautiful works, I always have the same reaction : I cannot move and just sigh. Clear water in green forest, thin white water fall in mountains, ridgelines in mist, beautiful autumn leaves... From canvases, I could hear birds singing, sound of falling water and stream, and rustling leaves. I could feel moisture of mist, gentle wind, and severe cold snow. I was driven by an impulse to walk into beautiful works of "Silence". Higashiyama Kaii Retrospective, @ The National Art Center Tokyo 久しぶりに観た、大好きな画家の回顧展。 美しい風景は、同じ作品を何度観ても作品の前から動けなくなり、ただただため息が出る。 緑の森に佇む透明度の高い湖、山中に流れる一筋の滝、霧にけぶる山並み、鮮やかな紅葉…

描かれていない鳥の声、静かな滝やせせらぎの音、葉が擦れあう音が聞こえる。 霧の湿り気や風、凍てつく雪の冷たさが肌を伝う。


生誕110年 東山魁夷展


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