• Masashi

New Year / 迎春


The first guests in 2019. Mother lives in China and daughter lives in Canada meet up and visit Japan. Works of celebration of happy new year. Flowers are Keio zakura (cherry), Nanten (red fruits, ward off evil spirits), and Chrysanthemum (symbol of longevity). They had fun trip in Okinawa, Nara, Kyoto, Tokyo and will move to Hokkaido covered in snow. Have a wonderful trip !

今年最初のお客様。 中国に住むお母様と、カナダに住むお嬢様が、家族旅行の途中に立ち寄られました。 初春を祝う啓翁桜、邪気を払う南天、長寿を祝う菊。 沖縄、奈良、京都、東京を経て、雪の北海道へ大移動されるとのこと。 楽しいご旅行を!

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