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Fu Rin Ka Zan / 風林火山


Like yesterday, today’s works designed by Japanese gentleman.

“Fu Rin Ka Zan” is well known saying about action taken in battle fields upon time and situation. These words were written on battle flags of famous commander Shingen Takeda (1521-73). 

Fu (Wind): Move fast as wind. 

Rin (Forest): Stay still like forest and watch for chance. 

Ka (Fire): Attack your opponents wiftly as fire. 

Zan (Mountain): Don’t move and stay calmly as mountain. 

The same can be said about Ikebana. Fu: Once you gain broad outline of your work, just cut plants and focus on your design. Rin: Till then, talk with the plants and think about the outline. Ka: The work needs balance between vividness (like branches)

Zan: And stillness (like sunflowers).



風: 疾きこと風の如く

林: 徐(しず)かなること林の如く

火: 侵し掠めること火の如く

山: 動かざること山の如し


風: 大体の作品の全体像がイメージできたら、迷わず鋏で茎や枝を切り、活ける。 林: それまでは、植物と対話し、作品像を練る。  火: 作品には動と(枝の勢い) 山: 静(ひまわりの佇まい)の調和が大切。

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