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Guests from the U.S. After Ikebana lesson, biked around Kappabashi kitchenware street and Sensoji (Buddhist temple). When the United States Army Air Forces conducted many air raids on Tokyo (March 10, 1945), the city was completely devastated by the bomb. However, residence around Shitaya Jinja (Shinto shrine) including my house miraculously survived. Dispite sad history of the World War II, I appreciate cherish moment both Japanese and American people can spend fun time together based on mutual understanding. On the day of the 74th anniversary of the end of World War II.

アメリカからのゲスト。 いけばなの後は、合羽橋商店街、浅草寺を自転車で廻る下町ツアーへ。 東京大空襲の際、私宅長屋を含め、下谷神社界隈は奇跡的に戦火を免れました。 戦争という悲しい歴史を乗り越え、相互理解を通じ、私たちが今仲良くできるありがたさを噛みしめています。 終戦記念日に思う。

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