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Bonds / 絆


Guests from the U.S. Don't you feel gentle breeze over susuki (Japanese pampas grass)? Even if they didn't see each other's works, they created ones having similar atmosphere. Very nice picture of the couple holding their hands behinds their beautiful works. Their strong bonds proved how come their works are "Same but Different". After the lesson, I guided them to Kappabashi kitchenware street. They purchased some plates. Thank you very much for your support to Japan's economy! lol The couple also liked mom and pop shops in the backstreet of Yanaka. I saw them off at Harumi pier and they boarded on the cruise ship bound for rest of Japanese cities and China. Please have safe and happy journey! アメリカからいらしたゲスト。

ススキの穂をなでる秋風。 完成まで、お互いの作品を見ていないのに、出来上がった作風はとても良く似ています。 作品を前に手を取り合っていらっしゃる姿も素敵ですね。ご夫婦の絆の深さを感じます。 レッスン後にご案内した合羽橋では、器をいくつか購入されました。日本経済へのサポート、ありがとうございます!(笑) 下町風情のある谷中も気に入られたようです。 客船で日本と中国を周遊されるとのことで、晴海埠頭でお見送り。 どうぞ安全で、楽しいご旅行を!

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