• Masashi

Friendship / ご縁


Guest from the U.S.A. Beautiful balance between vivid branches and tidy lily. After the lesson, she told me about what's happening in the U.S. like politics, economy and more. I'm trying to promote Japanese culture and history through Ikebana lesson. But at the same time, I also learn more about different countries from my guests. Flowers bring me many friends from all over the world to my house.

アメリカからのゲスト。 勢いよく伸びるスズバラと清楚なユリのバランス。 レッスン後、アメリカの政治、経済など多岐にわたる話を伺いました。 花を通じて日本を伝え、世界を知る。 花がいろんな国の方たちとの縁を紡いでくれます。

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