• Masashi

Bright sunshine / 燦々と


Time of spring flowers ended and relay of flowers is now moving toward green season of early summer.

Yamabuki; it is native to Japan, is blooming like bright sunshine before rainy season.

Accoriding to ancient custom, people used rubbed leaves with hands as hemostasis patch and petals for dying clothes. Color of Yamabuki was called “Kogane (Gold)”. In the Edo period, it was a pronoun referring to old Japanese gold coins. When people said “Here is sweet box of Yamabuki”, it meant bribery.

Talking about origin of the name of flower, there are some theories.

People called “Yamaburi”, represent scene of nature that branches of Yamabuki waving in the wind, changed to “Yamabuki” as time went by.

Another theory says, it was named after the word “Yamaharuki”, literally means mountains covered with full of spring yellow flowers.






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