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Calendar / 暦

Updated: Apr 29, 2020


Sakura (Cherry blossom) front had already left from Tokyo and now it’s heading for north.

According to ancient Japanese, “Sa” means “Kami (Spirits of nature)” and “Kura” means “Place where Kami stays”. Simply speaking, Sakuta is the tree on which Kami stays.

Long long time ago when we didn’t have calendar, people decided when they planted rice seedlings at rice paddies by watching cherry blossoms. For example, when they saw flowers Started blooming, they thought “Kami has descended from the top of the mountain to our paddies”.

Before they planted rice at the paddies, they enjoyed pick-nick under the trees to have fun with the nature spirit.

Wishing for peaceful spring in the next year to see beautiful Sakura.

The picture of Sakura was taken in the end of March, 2020.








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