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Circle of flowers / 花の輪


Japan has some endemic species of lily.

Dietary habit of eating roots of lily dates from Yayoi period (B.C. 300 - A. D. 300).

The oldest description about lily is found in the story of the Emperor Jinmu *1 and Princess Isuzu in “Kojiki (The Record of Ancient Matters)” *2. The Emperor fell in love with the princess at the first sight when he saw her picking lilies around Mt. Miwa (Today’s Nara prefecture).

Let’s move a clock in a breath forward the mid 19th century. Mr. Siebold, in the previous column “Otaki-san”, introduced Teppo Yuri (specie of lily, Teppo means gun-shaped) to Europe and it became so popular for Easter decoration.

His interest towards plants becomes a very strong showing in the world history today lol.

In Meiji period (1868 - 1913), lily was the second most important shipping item after silk.

Later, hybrid lily produced in Europe called “Oriental lily” reimported to its mother land.

Flowers are amazing diplomats connecting the world in peaceful way.


*1 The first Emperor acceded to throne in B.C. 660.

*2 The oldest official historical document compiled in 713 under the order of the Emperor Tenmu (The 40th Emperor).







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