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Flower power / 花の力

Updated: Apr 27, 2020


Received the picture of beautiful Ikebana work from Italian guests who took Ikebana lesson at my house last year.

His message said, “I just started to play with flowers, I’m still “crawling” with them, but I love the contact with this beautiful, gentle energy. Especially in this hard time, when kindness can save us.”

I was very moved by his comment and thought “How happy I am !”. Flowers bring me new friends and makes me notice importance of mutual understanding. Even if his motherland Italia is under severe situation due to Wuhan virus, he cares about me by promoting my site. Grazie Mille!

Because of “Stay home” movement, many people seem to start uploading pictures of flower at their houses and gardens, and on streets when they take a short walk. Of course, it is the season of flowers though, I re-recognize “Power of flowers”. Some people put pictures of flowers as comment. Anybody’s welcome, any time! Please upload pictures of them to share “Power of flowers”.

以前、私宅でいけばな レッスンを受講されたイタリア人ゲストから、素敵な花の画像が届きました。






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