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Flowers of Edo / 江戸の花


Hyakunincho-cho is located very close to Today’s Shinjuku where you see many skyscrapers.

Long time ago, this town was well known for azalea.

During Edo period (1603 - 1868), “Teppo Hyakunin-tai (literally means, The group of 100 rifle soldiers)” was organized to protect the Edo castle and the city of Edo (the former name of Tokyo).

However, the era was very peaceful time.

Therefore, the soldiers started raising azaleas for sale because they had a large quantity of charcoals, sulfur, lime and etc. for producing gunpowder.

Based on this historical fact, the town is called “Hyakunin-cho” today and azalea is designated as the symbol flower of Shinjuku Ward.

The photo is very famous azalea garden of Nezu Jinja (Shinto shrine), Tokyo.



江戸時代、江戸城警備等の任務に当たる「鉄砲百人隊」が組織されたが、この頃は戦のない平和な時代。 火薬の材料に必要な木炭、硫黄、石灰などを所有していた隊士達は、副業としてツツジの育成に励んだと言われる。 この史実がもとになり、町の名前は「百人町」と名付けられ、新宿区の花はツツジになった。


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