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The Imperial Crest / 菊花御紋


Same as cherry blossoms, chrysanthemum is considered as national flowers of Japan.

Chrysanthemum is the family crest of the Imperial family.

Its origin dates back to the era of the Emperor Emeritus Gotoba (The 74th Emperor, 1180-1239).

His Majesty loved swords and sometimes forged them. Symbol of chrysanthemum was engraved on self-made sword.

It was enacted as the crest of today’s Imperial family in 1926.

According to old legend, His Majesty Gotoba started forging swords because “Kusanagi no Tsurugi*” was lost during the battle of Dan no ura** in 1185. His Majesty Emperor Gotoba ascended the throne without the sword. *One of the three sacred and important treasures which are always handed down from the former Emperor to the new Emperor at the ceremony of succession of the Imperial Throne.

**During the battle, 5 years old Emperor Antoku dived into the sea with his grandmother and three sacred treasures. After their suicide, the two treasures were found but the sword.







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