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What if... / もしも...


Genpei Momo.

One of species of peaches. White and red flowers bloom on the same branch. Gen stands for Genji clan and Pei means Heishi clan.

According to old lunar calendar, today is the Day of the Battle between Genji and Heishi in Dan no ura (1185).

Genji raised white flags with red circle in the center and Heishi had red ones with gold circle in the center. (Some historians say Genji raised plain white flags and Heishi had solid red ones)

The time flies and during the Battle ages (about 15th to early 17th centuries ), many samurai clans raised Genji’s flag in addition to the ones having their family crests at battle fields. Genji flag was considered as good charm among them.

Today, white background with red circle is the national flag of Japan.

It’s meaningless to say “What if” when we talk about history though, what might happened to our flag if Heishi won the Battle. Maybe red with gold circle?








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