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調度を愉しむ /Anyway you want it

August 1, 2017


​​先日開催した、「フラワーデザイン プチコレクション」の余韻に浸る間もなく、いろいろと思索しています。











 ​​Flowre Design Petit Collection is over and now I'm thinking about "What's next?"

It's so happy to receive letters and pictures from people who purchased flower design works when I'm kind of spaced out.

It's totally up to you how you decorate the work you own.
I never say "Do like this!" and "Send me pic!". Never lol


I, flower designer, shouldn't say though, flower design works are not always necessary in your daily lives.
It's furnishing. Whoever need it, place it wherever you want. Very simple.

At the collection, I saw many guests selected works while thinking about their and their friend's houses.

You'll see and enjoy how your works look better as time goes by.
If your work get degradation over time, please by new one lol


Pics provided by Ms. N・N and Ms. S・N

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