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和洋折衷 / Cross between Japanese and foreign

November 20, 2017
















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【Cross between Japanese and foreign】

Origin of Christmas is said that it was in ancient Rome.
Long time ago, sun god (goddess) was enshrined here and there in the world.
Romen people might overlapped the winter solstice "Revival of the sun" with "The date of birth (or revival) of Jesus Christ".


Here in Japan, we eat pampkin and red beans soup, and put Yuzu(Japanese citrus has fragrance) into hot bath to prevent catching cold.
This custom on the winter solstice is based on ancient wisdom. Our ancestors waited for warm sun light that gave land and firm energy to grow rice and veges.
No explanation is needed though, Christmas is already one of the biggest "event" in Japan.


Sun god and Jesus Christ.
They are not the same icons; however, act of worshipping holy ones is the same. 
Celebrating coming up the day of the winter solstice and the birthday of Christ.


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