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Role / 役割

August 27, 2018




Guest who loves Japanese doll from India.
She loved Kimono lady doll at entrance of my house.

This doll was created by lady who used to live house just behind my house. Now she's already passed away.
One day, the lady's brother came to her house for cleaning and I received flower vases and tea cups etc.
That was the moment I felt like striken by lightning when I saw this Kimono lady.
I had NO interest in doll at all; however, I made prompt decision by saying to gentleman, "No way! Please don't discard her. I'll take her to my house".
Since then, she welcomes lots of guests to my house. Arigato!

Both flowers and doll play very important role to make us relax and get to know each other very quickly and easily.

Well then, we enjoyed taking photos of flowers and doll.
Right after the lesson, the guest went to Asakusabashi to look for Japanese doll. lol







その後は、人形購入のため浅草橋へ直行されました~ 笑

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